Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation Puts a Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Like many business managers in the post COVID-19 world, Richard Gurney, an engineering manager with Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation (CSEC) wanted to know if the air they were supplying throughout their buildings was healthy for not only their patrons and staff, but their professional athletes too.  Unfortunately, when he began to reach out to other companies for air quality testing, they realized the bill was going to rack up fast.

“We found that it was very costly, it was going to come at a price… every single test ranged from $500-$1200 dollars depending on how long and how many we wanted to perform. We knew that we could do it internally, so we started reaching out to other providers.” said Richard Gurney

TSI is able to offer high quality, easy to use, durable instruments at a much more reasonable cost. The Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor allowed CSEC to actively conduct a wide range of tests throughout the building.  CSEC was able to actively monitor a test for two hours or download results of a 12+ hour test directly to their computers for generating reports and acting upon the results.  This, combined with the AirAssure™ Continuous Indoor Air Quality Monitor for constant monitoring in the less accessible areas, such as locker rooms, gave CSEC the information they were looking for without the recurring cost of bringing in an outside consultant to run frequent tests.

“We’ve done over 50 readings in multiple areas of multiple buildings, and we’re very happy with the air quality we have. We know now, because of TSI and the Q-Trak™ XP Monitor and AirAssure™ Monitor, that all of our fans, our patrons, our staff, and our athletes are breathing good quality air.” – Richard Gurney.


Watch the video to learn how engineering manager for the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation, Richard Gurney took testing their facilities air quality into his own hands.