Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation’s Continued Focus on Indoor Air Quality – Event Findings

TSI continued their conversation with Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation’s (CSEC) Richard Gurney to talk more about what the Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor and AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality Monitor have helped them uncover during events.

The Scotiabank Saddledome is the popular gathering place for leading events – from sports, concerts, conventions, circuses, and more. With such renowned acts scheduled to come to town by years end, it has been important for the CSES to gain insights on how air quality varies during these events.

“We’re at the point now where we’re learning about how all of the different events we host effect air quality.” Said Richard Gurney, an engineering manager with CSEC. “For example, when a concert comes in we’ll plug (the Q-Trak™ XP) in and see what the hazing they do for the lights actually does to our quality of air.” Thanks to the Q-Trak™ XP, the CSEC was able to gather numerical data that proves the levels of hazing conducted at their venue is well below what would put anyone at risk. Therefore, laser shows are still a go!

Shifting back to the Scotiabank Saddledome’s primary focus, sporting events, and their teams being successful brought more games to the arena in a COVID-19 conscious world.  “When we started (the season) a lot of people were still quite nervous about going into big, big auditoriums, and when we came back (the attendance) was 12,000. Then, as attendees got more comfortable it was 13,000, and 14,000… and all of a sudden you’re in the playoffs and selling standing room tickets.” “(with the increasing number of attendees) we had to start doing different things with the HVAC to try and hold the cool air… so it was really neat to see, in real time, the changes in air quality.” – Richard Gurney

This balancing act between the air quality and cooling cost isn’t something that just impacts the fans either. “You want to make sure that the athlete, who’s worth millions of dollars, is being able to perform at their optimal because of the air that their breathing… CO2 management is big for us.”

From getting the attention of the industry to being trusted to provide accurate air quality data to protect million-dollar net worth performers, the Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor and AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality Monitor have proven extremely useful to the CSEC.


Watch the full story video to learn how engineering manager for the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation, Richard Gurney took testing their facilities air quality into his own hands.