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Positive Materialidentifikation oder PMI

*Diese Seite ist leider nur in Englisch verfügbar.*

Positive Material Identification or PMI allows metals professionals to identify metals and alloys before, during and after manufacturing. PMI tools reveal the chemical composition of a metal or alloy. This allows accurate, on-the-spot identification of the material, before expensive mistakes occur.

PMI is helpful at every link in the chain of custody. It ensures that the correct specified material reaches its intended destination and application. It's an important step in building critical process components, quality control of pipes, valves, and reaction vessels, and identifying light elements as well as trace and tramp elements.

Portable and handheld PMI analyzers and tools

Portable PMI analyzers allow fast, portable positive material identification in the field. Our ChemLite™ Laser Metals Analyzers perform PMI and other metals analysis onsite or off. Alloy producers, cast houses, and scrap operations around the world trust ChemLite for handheld PMI.

Fast, accurate, easy, and safer than XRF

ChemLite tools measure the chemical composition of a wide variety of metals. They will analyze and identify alloys, iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. Our customers also use ChemLite analyzers for tramp detection, screening for contaminants like beryllium and lithium down to 1 PPM. ChemLite can differentiate between hard-to distinguish aluminum alloys like 7050 and 7075, 2014 and 2024, and 6061 and 6063.

How to use a ChemLite analyzer for PMI? Just point and shoot. Your reading will appear in 1-3 seconds. Our sampling spot size is the largest of the LIBS analyzers, at 200 μm. Its laser is Class 1M, eye-safe for all uses, including small and irregular pieces and turnings. ChemLite is a regulation-free PMI tool, with none of the licensing, annual fees, training, or liability of XRF guns.

ChemLite PMI tools help you meet your standards

Your business has quality and regulatory standards to meet and productivity goals to exceed. Time and money spent on outdated, over-regulated PMI methods are a drag on your performance. ChemLite analyzers are ready to deploy. They're usable by everyone on your team. Customize your alloy definitions and specifications for your materials using Alloy Manager Software. Our optional Field Standardization Kit lets you validate in the field, correct drift, and optimize accuracy.

Test your metals, trust your tools, and focus on your operations. To see the ChemLite Laser Analyzer in action, schedule a hands-on demo at your location.