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HVAC and IAQ Training Center

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HVAC and IAQ Training Center

Educational Tools for HVAC and IAQ Testing

The HVAC & IAQ Training Center is where you can find application and product knowledge specific to TSI's HVAC and IAQ testing instruments, including balometers, capture hoods, and accessories. Enrollment is free; sign up at the bottom of this page.

By enrolling in the HVAC & IAQ Training Center, you'll have access to valuable educational videos and training documentation. You'll receive emails with new educational opportunities, as well as tips and tools to maximize your profitability on the jobsite.

Application Education Videos

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Set Up for a Duct Traverse

How to set up a TSI VelociCalc for a duct traverse. (7:08  min)

Performing a Duct Traverse

How to measure airflow with a duct traverse method using a TSI VelociCalc (5:47 min)

Calculating Percent of Outside Air

How to calculate the percent of outside air using a TSI VelociCalc (5:19 min)


Instrument Education Videos

Operating the Airflow Instruments PANDA Duct Leakage Tester

How to operate the Airflow Instruments Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation (PANDA) System. (16:20 min)

Capture Hood Stand & Mobile App

How to use the capture hood stand and the Android-based LogDat mobile app (2:42 min)

Capture Hood Stand Set Up

How to set up and operate your capture hood. It's an easy and safe one-person, no-ladder set up and operation. (2:27)

LogDat Mobile App

Using the capture hood mobile app for real-time remote monitoring and logging (2:33 min)

Generating and Exporting Reports

Using the capture hood LogDat mobile app for reporting (1:47 min)

Mobile App Installation & Pairing

Install and pair the LogDat mobile app with detachable digital micromanometers (2:18 min)

Flow Conditioner Installation

How to install the Swirl-X Flow Conditioner to reduce measurement errors (3:52 min)

Introduction to Hydronic Manometers

This video provides a general overview of the hydronic manometer models available, capabilities and types of accessories included in the kits (2:49 min) 

Hydronic Manometers: Zeroing Sensors and Purging Air

Learn how to zero both the gauge pressure and differential pressure sensors, as well as purge the air entrained in the hose lines with system fluid before taking measurements (1:54 min)

Hydronic Manometers: Taking Measurements

Learn how to connect the hoses to the pressure ports of a balancing valve and take measurements across it. This video also shows how to drain the hoses and meter of fluid prior to packing it away for future use (2:40 min)


Product Showcase Videos

AccuBalance® Air Capture Hood 8380

Quick and accurate direct air volume readings at diffusers and grilles. (3:37  min) Visit the product page >

Airflow Capture Hoods

Multipurpose electronic air balancing instrument takes efficient direct air volume readings (3:37 min) Visit the product page >

Alnor Balometer Capture Hood EBT731

Alnor Balometers are preferred instruments for facility engineers (1:31 min) Visit the product page >


Optimize Your Productivity With AirPro Solutions

This 26-minute webinar covers the full line of AirPro ventilation test instruments, from probes to velocity meters to micromanometers to the mobile app. Learn how the comprehensive capabilities of AirPro can optimize your testing program.


Additional training documentation

Application Notes

*For Thermal Anemometer Technology


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