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Filter Testing Webinars

Webinars and videos on filter testing and filtration topics

Filter Testing Webinars

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Filter Testing for Highly Efficient Respirators P100/FFP3/P3

Respirator standards for highly efficient respiratory filters and cartridges such as 42 CFR part 84 and EN 143/149 require that all of these be tested before use. Speed of testing is critical for high throughput in the production line. Even more, it is desired that the tester gives the same results for penetration as the tester used in the quality control lab to ensure accuracy and reliability. In this webinar, we present test results for penetration and pressure drop measurements with the increasing speed of testing and discuss factors that – if improved – can lower the test time.

Filtration Basics - Physics, Instrumentation, and Applications

This webinar is about filtration fundamentals and how filter testers work.

Experimental Tools for Virus Aerosol Research

This webinar will follow a hypothetical virus from host to target, and describe research questions that can be asked at various points in the virus’ journey (for example, droplet characterization, droplet transport, virus viability, and transmission prevention).

Do It Yourself: Maintain your Filter Tester's Performance

During this webinar you will learn about the methods used to verify system performance, routine maintenance steps that you can perform and the options for service on these testers.

How TSI's 8130A Automated Filter Tester can help you test Respirators

During this webinar you will learn more about:

  • What models and variants of the 8130A exist and how these relate to requirements in standards 
  • How the 8130A functions and how easy it is to operate
  • What TSI did to ensure the continued quality of the data

Testing Respiratory Masks - How well do different filter materials protect you

During this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • The basics of filter material and media testing
  • How respiratory masks are tested (NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
  • How penetration values of respirators compare to surgical and homemade masks


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