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General Aerosols and Nanoparticles Webinars

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E-Cigarette Aerosol Characterization: Challenges and Methods

Aerosols generated by e-cigarettes can be challenging to characterize. Given their volatility, chemical complexity, and high concentration, making accurate measurements can be difficult. This webinar will discuss the benefits and limitations of various experimental techniques researchers can use when confronting these challenges, and provide examples of published research for this application.

Experimental Tools for Virus Aerosol Research

This webinar will follow a hypothetical virus from host to target, and describe research questions that can be asked at various points in the virus’ journey (for example, droplet characterization, droplet transport, virus viability, and transmission prevention).

Agglomeration, Isolation, and Dissolution of Engineered Nanoparticles: Insights from Particle-Sizing Measurements

Preparing engineered nanoparticles for aerosol-phase analysis can be challenging. In this webinar, nanoparticle preparation methods are discussed, as are the insights into nanoparticle behavior that are made possible by aerosol sizing instruments.


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