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The Importance of Measuring Indoor Air Quality within Salons

Beauty salons are a popular destination for those seeking manicures, pedicures, haircuts, hair coloring, massages, and other beauty treatments. While these treatments are supposed to make us feel good, some don’t realize that many of them can also pose certain health risks. To ensure occupants are not exposed to various pollutant dangers, it is important for salons to deploy continuous monitors to manage the indoor air quality (IAQ) within the building.

Balancing Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency: Strategies for Building Managers

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important consideration for building managers and occupants alike. This blog article explores potential ways to help improve IAQ while simultaneously reducing emissions and energy costs.

Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation’s Continued Focus on Indoor Air Quality – Event Findings

TSI continued their conversation with Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation’s (CSEC) Richard Gurney to talk more about what the Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor and AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality Monitor have helped them uncover during events.

5 Things to Know About Particulate Matter

Particulate matter, also known as PM, refers to tiny particles suspended in the air. These particles can be made up of a variety of materials, including dust, dirt, soot, and smoke.

What’s the Big Deal with Gas Stoves?

A recent article published on Science Northwest written by Dan Jaffe and Amelie Creekmore at the University of Washington talks about the risks of cooking with a gas stove, how you can monitor the indoor air quality in your home, and ways to improve it.

What is the difference between IAQ and IEQ?

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) are related but distinct terms that refer to different aspects of the indoor quality of the air and environment.

Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation Puts a Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Is the air being supplied throughout the Saddledome Arena healthy? Read on for additional findings.

WELL Research Uncovers Economic Returns of Healthy Buildings

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has recently published an insightful paper on how healthy building solutions can generate higher performance and economic returns

Indoor air pollution: Why our homes and offices need a health check

A recent article posted in The Irish Times explains why ventilation is crucial, particularly in airtight spaces

Is Formaldehyde Lurking In Your Air?

Formaldehyde is a colorless and very water-soluble gas and is suspected of being carcinogenic.

10 Air Quality Concerns in Office Buildings

The demand for measuring air quality in indoor environments has grown significantly in recent years. Discover top 10 air quality concerns in office buildings and possible remediation.

The Impact of HVAC Systems in Schools on Indoor Environmental Quality

To maintain good indoor air quality in classrooms and school buildings, regular ventilation check-ups, and continuous monitoring of ventilation systems are essential. School administrators or facility managers should take immediate action if they notice any signs of poor air quality within their buildings.

TSI and Building4Health Join Forces to Manage Indoor Air Quality to Optimize Occupant Health

TSI is proud to announce our strategic relationship with B4H. This cooperation combines TSI's technology in IAQ monitoring with B4H's integrated medical, biological and architecture expertise.

The Power of Knowing: How to Combat Sick Building Syndrome

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been definitively linked to SBS and the related drop in occupant well-being and productivity. What steps can be taken to combat it?

5 ways to minimize the impact of wildfires on indoor air quality

With the increased frequency and severity of wildfires, how prepared are you to manage the effects of wildfire smoke on your building’s indoor quality (IAQ)?