Noise Dosimeters and Sound Level Meters

Quest™ SoundPro™ SE-DL Series Sound Level Meters and Real-Time Analyzers help provide advanced sound level monitoring and comprehensive data analysis. Instruments are available in Class/Type 1 and Class/Type 2 models. A large screen display allows for real-time frequency analysis and data-storing capabilities make it easy to post-process and evaluate workplace noise levels.

Quest SoundPro SE-DL Series Sound Level Meters are an excellent solution for a variety of applications, including:

  • Occupational noise evaluations
  • Environmental noise assessments
  • General sound and frequency analysis
  • Automotive design and vehicle noise evaluations
  • Building acoustics, including STI-PA method
  • HVAC testing per NEBB
  • Selection of hearing protection
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Quest SoundPro SE-DL

Available in a variety of models to meet your sound measurement needs. Several models feature octave band analysis, giving you the ability to conduct environmental noise monitoring and noise control evaluation.

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