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TSI is Dedicated to Providing Innovative Solutions that Safeguard People and the Environment.

Our expertise lies in ensuring optimal Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which encompass the air quality within buildings and structures. IEQ and IAQ play pivotal roles in the health and comfort of occupants, especially in environments like schools, offices, and various indoor spaces where a significant portion of our time is spent.


When it comes to creating a healthy and productive indoor environment, the measurement and maintenance of air quality are paramount. IEQ and IAQ directly impact the well-being, comfort, and productivity of individuals sharing a space. Therefore, having a reliable partner for precise and comprehensive air quality measurements is essential. Among the numerous companies offering IEQ and IAQ measurement solutions, TSI stands out as the industry leader for several compelling reasons.

Why Choose TSI for IEQ and IAQ Solutions

TSI boasts decades of expertise and experience in the field of air quality measurement. With a legacy spanning over five decades, TSI has consistently demonstrated its commitment to advancing IEQ and IAQ monitoring technology and setting industry standards. The company's profound knowledge and extensive research in the field have enabled them to develop cutting-edge instruments that deliver precise and reliable IEQ and IAQ measurements.

We wanted to know if the air we were supplying to all the different areas of our building was healthy... the Q-Trak XP is super user friendly and were able to download a report to determine if our air was adequate or not.

Richard Gurney

Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

At TSI, we understand that indoor environments vary greatly. Whether you are a facility manager, property owner, educator, or play another vital role, TSI's solutions are designed to give you the confidence to balance your building's efficiency and occupants' comfort.
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Each building is unique - TSI product solutions are designed to help you take initiative of the health and well-being of your building and its occupants. Create your own IEQ solution with combining TSI products, from continuous air monitoring for outdoor and indoor, to using our investigative tools helping you pin-point the problem and take action fast.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Determining which contaminants are responsible for suspected building-related conditions can be challenging at times. TSI is committed to a better world – providing solutions to help protect people and environments.

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Why TSI?

TSI serves as a gateway to an extensive range of products, services, and expertise. We offer customers access to reliable, innovative, and tailored solutions that align perfectly with their objectives and workflows. Our dedicated professionals are available to assist customers at every step, from initial inquiries and product selection to installation, training, and ongoing maintenance. With TSI, you have a trusted partner committed to ensuring superior Indoor Environmental Quality and Indoor Air Quality.

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