Office Buildings

Complete Monitoring for Your Workspace Environment for Higher Productivity and Energy Savings

Poor IEQ and IAQ can be linked to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and reduced productivity for managers and their employees. Continuous monitoring of certain IEQ parameters provides insight on the general health of your indoor air and more, while helping to prevent SBS and other health related issues.

Many organizations are also ramping up pressure on commercial buildings to increase IAQ monitoring and reporting. All of this helps to verify the health of your indoor environment and keep you well ahead of building related illnesses, providing the documentation to keep you in compliance with the governing bodies that oversee commercial IEQ. 

Read here how multi-building organizations can deal with the key challenges connected to the indoor envoironment, from occupants' well-being to energy effiency.

Common sources of indoor air pollution within office buildings: 

  • Synthetic building materials and furnishings
  • Printers and copier machines
  • Cleaning chemicals and aerosol sprays
  • Industrial areas with welding fumes
  • Loading docks with idling trucks emitting exhaust

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Multi-building organizations face big challenges connected to the indoor environment. How can they improve occupants well-being, energy efficiency and sustainability?

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