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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

How to monitor air quality and help protect people inside buildings during wildfire events

Wildfire Smoke Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Outdoor air pollutants, like wildfire smoke, can significantly affect the quality of the air within indoor environments. For this reason, it is crucial for employers and owners to monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) along with using real-time data in order to take quick corrective actions if needed.

How to help protect people inside buildings from wildfire smoke

Using TSI’s air quality monitors connected to TSI Link™ solutions software gives you the ability to track the indoor and outdoor air quality in real-time, right at your fingertips. Managing your data anywhere, guiding you in decision-making to ensure certain health & safety standards are met. By wirelessly connecting your BlueSky™ or AirAssure™ air quality monitor to TSI Link™ you can retrieve real-time data, be alerted of any changes in the air quality, and control your device from the office, on the jobsite, or even at home. Using your own program? No problem, TSI also offers an API data integration that allows you to easily extract data and insights for reporting and analysis.

TSI Link™ Solutions is the cloud-based software that allows you to manage all your devices in one place and track air quality conditions in real-time. You can customize your dashboard view to quickly determine which areas are at risk for dangerous levels of wildfire smoke and easily know when to inform your decision making to keep your staff and customers safe.

TSI Link™ API Data Services provides integration of all your devices directly into your own platform, smartsheets or BI tools to provide further analysis, guidance, and storage for regulation or audits.

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You can find more details and recommendations on wildfires and indoor air quality on the EPA website. Click here to learn more.

TSI's Solution for You

If your concern is being compliant to local wildfire regulation (such as US California Code Regulation 5141.1) and protecting employees and customers from wildfire smoke, we recommend this solution for you. Our bundle kit allows you to track indoor and outdoor air quality and take actions when needed: you will be able to remotely monitor air quality and view map and measurements in real-time as well as easily extract data and insights for reporting and analysis thanks to API data integration.

TSI Link™​ Features and Benefits

  • Real-time map view to quickly see areas of dangerous air quality
  • PM 2.5 AQI real-time continuous measurement
  • Reduce work by utilizing dashboard for reporting and analysis
  • Remotely manage multiple devices
  • Receive custom phone or email alerts to notify you just-in-time to keep your employees and customers safe
  • Provide further analysis, guidance, and storage through API data integration

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