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Making informed decisions about safety for your crew and community from the effects of wildfire smoke

Perimeter Air Quality Monitoring for Wildfires

Real-Time Air Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring the air quality during and after a wildfire is important. You might ask yourself, as an employer, should I pay attention to wildfire smoke? Those working to contain the wildfire and those in the surrounding communities are often exposed to smoke, which can contain chemicals, gases and particulate matter (PM) that can be harmful to your health. Monitoring the air during cleanup efforts is important, as toxic chemicals in the soil gets agitated and put back into the air.

Critical decisions need real-time data

How does wildfire smoke affect your health? If the PM level in the air reaches a certain level, workers may need to be sent home, and surrounding communities will need to be alerted. Having access to real-time, near-reference data allows you make those decisions to help keep your workers and the community safe.

Air monitors provide critical data in wildfire zones

Air monitors provide critical data in wildfire zonesDustTrak™ Environmental Monitors vs. Federal Reference Method (FRM/FEM) Equipment

TSI Incorporated, a world leader in dust monitoring, offers a variety of DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitors for conducting continuous, real-time monitoring. Environmental DustTrak™ monitors provide real-time data, which can assist emergency responders, environmental consultants and others who make decisions on the smoke's direction, and which neighborhoods will be affected.

Typical Federal Reference Method/ Federal Equivalent Method (FRM/FEM) equipment reports data in 1-hour, 3-hour, or 24-hour averages. TSI's DustTrak Environmental Monitor has the capability to report in 1-minute averages, so if your PM10 or PM2.5 particles exceed your preset levels on the instrument, alerts will be sent to your mobile device or desktop computer, allowing you to make critical decisions to protect the community.

FRM/FEM devices also tend to be bulky and are generally used as fixed systems. The DustTrak™ family of products are highly mobile and easy to set up, making them the standard industry choice for emergency response situations like wildfires, where mobility is key.

What are my options for monitoring particulate matter during and after a wildfire?


Multi-Use Air Monitoring Package

Flexible, continuous real-time PM10 & PM2.5 data. Easy digital user interface & touchscreen.

Multi-Use Packages


Convenience Air Monitoring Packages

Continuous real-time PM10 & PM2.5 monitoring. Wind speed & wind direction add-on available.

Convenience Packages


Handheld Air Monitoring

Lightweight, rechargeable battery operated, continuous real-time PM10 & PM2.5 monitoring.

Handheld air monitor


Community Air Monitoring Package

Capture PM1, PM2.5, PM10, temp & humidity. Real-time map of live data. Install a monitor network.

Hyperlocal monitors

IAQ Monitor

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Install & remotely operate in <10 min. Real-time, shareable reporting & analysis. Custom alerts.

Monitoring IAQ

TSI Link

Air Monitoring Platform

Set up customized air quality alerts, manage your devices, and analyze data with TSI Link Solutions.

TSI Link Solutions