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Help Protect Your Community From Wildfire Smoke

Utilizing air monitoring solutions to protect communities from wildfire smoke

Wildfire Smoke Preparedness in Community Buildings Grant Program

Funding Now Available from the EPA!

The EPA is accepting applications for a new federal grant program to provide resources to enhance community buildings wildfire smoke preparedness.  The Wildfire Smoke Preparedness in Community Buildings Grant Program will provide grants and cooperative agreements to States, federally recognized Tribes, public pre-schools, local educational agencies, and non-profit organizations for the assessment, prevention, control, or abatement of wildfire smoke hazards in community buildings and related activities.

The total estimated funding available for awards is $10,670,000. EPA anticipates awarding approximately 13-18 grants, ranging from $100,000 to $2,000,000. Funded assistance agreements will have up to 3-year periods of performance.

The goal of the grant program is to assist activities that will help improve the capability and capacity of communities and buildings to effectively reduce indoor concentrations of air pollutants in wildfire smoke, especially particulate matter (PM).

Contact TSI through the form below if you are interested in applying for an EPA Wildfire Smoke Preparedness in Community Buildings Grant.  Our experts will help guide you through this opportunity – application deadline is May 9, 2023.

Learn more at the grants.gov

Wildfires occurring in the wildland-urban interface, where wildland vegetation and urban areas meet, present a major health hazard for local communities not only outside but also inside buildings. 

Outdoor as well as indoor workers and occupants may be seriously affected by the exposure to wildfire smoke that has been known to contribute to several health effects including eye irritation, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis and more.

Monitoring the air quality during and after a wildfire is important. You might ask yourself, as an employer, should I pay attention to wildfire smoke? Those working to contain the wildfire and those in the surrounding communities are often exposed to smoke, which contains chemicals, gases and particulate matter (PM) that can be harmful to your health. Monitoring the air during cleanup efforts is important, as toxic chemicals in the soil gets agitated and put back into the air.

Wildfires are becoming a critical recurring issue and local governments have to deal with it. California for example, has a specific regulation aimed at protecting workers, so that companies in California need to follow the Code Regulation 5141.1 to protect their employees and customers from unsafe air pollution (more info here).

Discover more on wildfire smoke issues and solutions for indoor and outdoor monitoring.

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