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Particle Detection in High Purity Process Gases Down to 2 nm

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Minimize Particle-Related Defects and Improve Semiconductor Device Yield and Quality

Particle detection in high purity process gases down to 2 nm with TSI® instrumentationWith highly sophisticated processes used in semiconductor manufacturing, every detail matters – including the purity of process gases. The semiconductor industry demands extreme precision and control. The need to operate at scales where even seemingly negligible imperfections can lead to significant consequences is a critical reality.

As the industry marches towards increasingly smaller sizes and complexity, the demand for precise control is growing. This trend further solidifies the cleanliness of process gas as being the cornerstone of quality and excellence in semiconductor manufacturing.


How to Choose the Semiconductor Manufacturing Measurement Instrument You Need

When choosing a measurement tool for monitoring process gas quality, your decision is guided by three key specifications: particle size, false count rate, and flow rate.

Particle Size: Critical defect sizes may differ for different processes; in some situations, detection down to 100 nm is sufficient, while in others, sub-10 nm detection is a pressing need

False Count Rate: Data accuracy is foundational to making decisions and taking actions. In the case of particle counting, a low zero-count rate in an instrument signifies high data accuracy and minimizes the risk of false alarms, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Flow Rate: A higher sampling flow rate is valuable in process gas because the process gas is so clean. With very few particles available to test, statistics becomes a consideration. Higher flow rate instruments, taking in a higher volumetric flow rate of the gas under test, will encounter a greater number of particles. This results in better counting statistics – ensuring that your data is out of the ‘noise’ – so that you can make critical decisions.


Why TSI for Semiconductor Manufacturing Particle Detection?

TSI’s instrument technology for particle detection in high purity process gases enables you to measure down to 2 nm. This capability ensures that your semiconductor manufacturing processes remain at the forefront, driving innovation and improving cost-effectiveness.

By integrating TSI state-of-the-art airborne particle detection technology into your manufacturing processes, you're making a critical strategic investment in quality, efficiency, and risk reduction. By leveraging our decades of industry experience and offering detection solutions – down to 100 nm, 10 nm, and 2 nm – TSI is the right partner to provide the capabilities you need to prevent defects, malfunction, or failure while upholding the highest quality standards


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