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Respirable Silica Monitoring

Respirable Silica Monitoring

Meeting Real-Time Challenges of Respirable Silica Standards

To best protect employees who may be exposed to respirable crystalline silica, industry standards are in place in many countries and employers are required to comply with them.

  • OSHA Standard for Respirable Silica
    PEL = 50μg/m3 at 8hr. TWA
    Action Level = 25μg/m3 at 8hr. TWA
    HSE (COSHH requirements)
    WEL = 100μg/m3 (0.1 mg/m3) at 8hr. TWA 
    According to OSHA’s General Industry and Construction Respirable Crystalline Silica Standards (RCS Standard) employers must conduct monitoring to assess each employee’s eight hour, time-weighted average (TWA) exposure to respirable crystalline silica dust.
  • In the UK, substances that have been assigned a workplace exposure limit (WEL) by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) are subject to the requirements of COSHH (Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health). These regulations require employers to prevent or control exposure to hazardous substances such as Respirable Crystalline Silica dust. 
  • The Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) along with the “Action Level”, respectively the WEL, present challenges for companies to monitor, control and reduce worker exposure to respirable silica.

Direct reading, real-time instrument solutions from TSI® will allow you to easily measure respirable silica dust for employee exposure assessments, validating corrective actions and performing repetitive sampling in real-time while saving time and reducing costs.

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A Faster Path to Compliance

TSI® real-time monitoring technology provides a faster pathway to compliance, cost savings and improved safety along the way. Gain confidence in your gravimetric lab results before taking the final samples.

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Measuring Respirable Silica Dust in Real-Time

Companies and facilities may have to monitor respirable silica frequently to reach and maintain compliance while protecting employees from silica exposure.

Traditional gravimetric sampling is required for reference samples, however lab processing takes time, is costly and does not provide exposure data needed to make fast corrective actions.

TSI® manufactures a broad line of real-time dust measurement instrument solutions that can help reach and maintain compliance to the silica standard in less time and for less cost.

Real-Time Dust Monitoring Provides Real-Time Advantages

Reduced Set-up and Sample Collection Times: Real-time dust measurements can collect ‘representative’ samples in far less time than traditional gravimetric sampling.

Fast Corrective Action: Achieve in Hours or Days: What typically takes weeks or even months to complete using only gravimetric sampling. Real-time monitoring provides instant and actionable exposure data.

Real-Time Sampling Allows for Frequent Repetitive Monitoring: Repeated testing required by several sections of the OSHA standard.

Real-Time Data-logging: Provides employers with an exposure ‘data trail’ of employee exposure levels including alarm conditions for post-test review and pinpoint analysis of exposure during an entire work shift.

Instant Alerts and Exposure Data: Real-Time monitoring provides immediate results to make decisions, take corrective actions and validate those actions so further adjustments can be made.

Reduced Worker Exposures: Keeps workers safe through accurate, immediate feedback of workplace conditions while saving your company money.


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