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The NGI+

Expand your options

The NGI+

Our new Next Generation Impactor

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Level up your inhalation test capabilities

The NGI+MSP, a Division of TSI, is excited to announce the release of our NGI+.

Substituting some of the base design materials in the industry-proven NGI, the new NGI+ enables a wider range of applications, chemicals, and drugs. The NGI+ provides more corrosion protection, enhanced chemical and biological resistance, and a longer equipment life expectancy for your inhaler testing process.

Whether you are testing nebulizers, using biologics, or looking for more robust/automated cleaning methods, the NGI+ expands your options.

Nebulizer Testing

The NGI+ is ideal for nebulizer testingNebulizer solutions have been expected to increase in popularity for some time. And recently, there has been an increased focus on developing inhalation therapeutics for patients with severely limited breathing capacities – something a nebulizer is well suited for.

Additionally, biologics continue to be explored and used by many pharmaceutical delivery mechanisms. The most common use of biologics in inhalation drug delivery is the suspension of live molecules or proteins in a nebulizer solution, due to the solution’s inherent stable properties.

How does the NGI+ help with nebulizer testing?

In the past, nebulizers have been difficult to test with standard cascade impactors because of the solutions’ relatively high corrosive saline mixture. However, the NGI+ was designed with materials better suited to withstand this corrosive application and environment – making it an ideal choice for this type of testing.


Robust Cleaning Methods

The NGI+ open, showing the inner cup trayWhile drug development companies have made great strides in automating many steps in the particle collection process, impactor and equipment cleaning has been largely ignored. Cleaning the system is typically a very time-consuming process, but it is imperative that it is done precisely to avoid cross-contamination between tests and to help produce more consistent analytics – sample after sample.

How does the NGI+ help with impactor cleaning?

The NGI+ was specifically designed to be more corrosion-resistant (while also extending the equipment’s life expectancy). With this enhanced corrosion resistance, harsher chemicals can be used to clean the NGI+ – shortening the typically-lengthy cleaning process. It also enables automated cleaning solutions, saving even more cleaning time.


Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Extended equipment life
  • Allows for a more robust and/or automated cleaning process for cups, nozzles, and seal body
  • Comprised of inert materials to maintain aerosol performance
  • Upgrades available for your existing NGI


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