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Learn more about PID tuning for LFCs

New White Paper From MSP Semiconductor Experts

The ever-increasing performance requirements for microelectronic devices are driving higher performance demands for Liquid Flow Controllers (LFCs) used in semiconductor processing. These state-of-the art processes require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability to ensure process recipes produce expected results for deposition rates, film composition and uniformity.

MSP, a Division of TSI, expert Kathy Erickson's new white paper explains the following:

  • Higher Requirements for Liquid Flow Controllers in Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Importance of Fast Response/Stabilization Times
  • Types of Liquid Flow Controllers
    • Coriolis
    • Thermal
    • Differential Pressure
  • How LFC Selection and PID Tuning Optimization Can
    • Reduce Processing Times
    • Reduce Liquid Waste
    • Reduce Cost of Ownership
  • PID Basics
    • PID Parameters Defined 
    • PID Zones
    • Bias/Offset Values
    • Bias/Offset Methods
  • PID Tuning Methods and Advanced Techniques
  • And more!


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