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Twice the Output, Half the Size

New Turbo II™ Vaporizers

Next Generation of Vapor Delivery Solutions for CVD and ALD

New line of MSP™ Turbo II™ Vaporizer Delivery Solutions available.MSP, a division of TSI®, offers a completely new line of Vaporizers for liquid source vaporization in gas-phase processing such as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) used in semiconductor device fabrication and industrial coating applications.

Better Vaporization, More Process Options

Higher Throughput & Less Waste

MSP Turbo II™ Vaporizers offer higher throughput by delivering higher vapor concentrations for faster deposition and etch rates. Additionally, when paired with the high-speed MSP Turbo™ Liquid Flow Controller (LFC), the vapor delivery system provides fast response times, reducing liquid waste and wafer processing times.

200%25 vapor output, while reducing the size of the heat exchanger by 50%25; Moore’s law in vaporization technology.Half the Size

Extensive fluid dynamic and thermodynamic research focused on speeding liquid evaporation rates resulted in the ability to increase vapor out by 200 %, while reducing the size of the heat exchanger by 50 %; Moore’s law demonstrated in vaporization technology.

Highly Stable

Turbo II™ Vaporizers deliver highly stable vapor concentration output, making them suitable even for highly sensitive processes like PECVD. Highly stable vapor delivery is also critical for reliable, long-term field performance.

Long LifetimeThe MSP™ Turbo II™ Vaporizer delivers extremely stable concentration over-time, making it suitable even for highly sensitive processes like PECVD.

MSP Turbo II™ Vaporizers are designed to last the lifetime of the tool or system they are installed in. They are a component, not just a consumable.

Lower Cost of Ownership

The long lifetime, higher throughput and reduced liquid waste can result in substantial cost savings over the lifetime of the processing system. Turbo II™ Vaporizers frequently require much less routine maintenance than competitive solutions.

Work Well for Difficult (and Easy) to Vaporize Liquids

A wide array of liquids can be vaporized with the MSP Turbo II™ Vaporizers. This flexibility enables vaporization of difficult precursors, like low vapor pressure liquids, which may have a tight window between thermal decomposition and vaporization at concentrations necessary for processing.

Advanced Vaporization Technology

MSP Turbo II™ Vaporizers use a droplet vaporization, direct liquid injection (DLI) technique designed to meet modern demanding vaporization needs. In thin film applications, the stable and uniform vapor leads to a higher quality thin film and higher wafer yields.

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