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Surface Defect Inspection and Metrology

When you know what you need to design or validate your inspection equipment to increase yield, MSP, a Division of TSI®, will provide calibration standards that no one else can provide.

Offering particle deposition equipment, services, and particle suspensions, MSP provides a full suite of particle deposition and metrology products.


Particle Deposition System

Enabling Tomorrow’s SSIS Calibration Standards Today

The advanced 2300G3 Particle Deposition System sets the standards for wafer inspection and metrology equipment that will help increase yield of leading-edge devices for years to come, yet this complete system can be used now to meet today’s measurement needs, including:

  • Traceable inspection system calibration
  • Matching legacy wafer calibration standards
  • Incoming bare wafer inspection/qualification
  • Determining inspection sensitivity for proprietary films
  • Blanket film monitoring
  • Inspection tool development and qualification
  • Process tool qualification, process learning, and monitoring.

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Deposition Calibration Standards

Improving Your Surface Inspection Vision

MSP provides certified Wafer and Reticle Contamination Standards for calibrating, qualifying, and monitoring wafer and photomask inspection systems. Particles of specified size, composition, and count are deposited on a bare silicon wafer or your substrate of choice, including wafers, photomasks/reticles (any type), and HDD disks. Particles can be deposited on bare, film, and patterned wafers from 100 mm to 300 mm.

MSP is a leader in the industry, providing advanced technology to cover customers’ particle/calibration needs, including:

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Particle Standards

MSP is a leader in the industry, providing advanced technology to cover customers’ particle/calibration needs.

Calibrate Your Surface Scanning Equipment

Whether testing for particle size, count, or composition, it is imperative to use reliable particle suspensions to calibrate your surface scanning equipment or particle counters. A particle standard consists of a specific size range and number concentration of solid particles suspended in ultra-pure water (UPW). This suspension is dispersed into clean air or nitrogen and deposited onto wafers and reticles in specific patterns and sizes.

Particle Standards are used to produce high-quality contamination standards for calibrating, qualifying, and monitoring the performance of wafer and photomask inspection systems.

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