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When you need to comply with federal drug delivery regulations, MSP will consult with you on what is specifically needed, and has the turn-key solution to get your research and production compliant.


MSP’s Pharmaceuticals Inhaler Device Testing group has always been at the forefront of the OINDP industry. In 1997, a consortium of pharmaceutical companies began to work with MSP to create the Next Generation Impactor (NGI), which has since been accepted into the Pharmacopoeias as the gold standard for aerosol characterization in the pharmaceutical industry.

We also teamed up with Copley in 2005 – MSP is the exclusive North America provider of Copley OINDP products. Together, we offer a wide range of complete systems and products for APSD and DDU testing.

Inhaler Testing Automation and Lab Organization

MSP also provides an extensive line of automation and semi-automation equipment. Our state-of-the-art automation equipment reduces errors and variation, resulting in more reliable, consistent, dependable data and a streamlined method transfer. Basic automation improves throughput and ensures the analyst is working on meaningful and value-added activities.

AIM Equipment, IVIVC

MSP offers abbreviated impactor measurement (AIM) and in vitro - in vivo correlation (IVIVC) equipment to improve your time to market, drug efficacy, and ultimately total program costs.

Generic Drug Development Equipment

MSP also carries equipment specialized for generic drug development. Generic drug development often uses the shortest and most cost-effective path in developing generics following USP monographs and FDA guidance – namely, replicating existing methods such as legacy impactors.

MSP has extensive background including technical equipment and applications, partnering with other industry leading companies, and staying ahead of governing regulations and industry expectations. We offer training and consulting, field service options, equipment optimization, and equipment recalibration and certification.