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MSP is now a division of TSISince MSP's founding in 1985, one of our core focuses has been industry research. Our products can be separated into Pharmaceutical Inhaler Device Testing and Semiconductor Manufacturing (Liquid Source Vaporization Solutions and Surface Defect Inspection/Metrology).

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MSP Pharmaceuticals

MSP’s Pharmaceuticals Inhaler Device Testing group has always been at the forefront of the OINDP industry. In 1997, a consortium of pharmaceutical companies began to work with MSP to create the Next Generation Impactor (NGI), which has since been accepted into the Pharmacopoeias as the gold standard for aerosol characterization in the pharmaceutical industry.

We also teamed up with Copley in 2005 – MSP is the exclusive North America provider of Copley OINDP products. Together, we offer a wide range of complete systems and products for APSD and DDU testing.

MSP also provides an extensive line of automation and semi-automation equipment. Our state-of-the-art automation equipment reduces errors and variation, resulting in more reliable, consistent, dependable data and a streamlined method transfer. Basic automation improves throughput and ensures the analyst is working on meaningful and value-added activities.

MSP offers abbreviated impactor measurement (AIM) and in vitro – in vivo correlation (IVIVC) equipment to improve your time to market, drug efficacy, and ultimately total program costs.

MSP also carries equipment specialized for generic drug development. Generic drug development often uses the shortest and most cost-effective path in developing generics following USP monographs and FDA guidance – namely, replicating existing methods such as legacy impactors.

MSP has extensive background including technical equipment and applications, partnering with other industry leading companies, and staying ahead of governing regulations and industry expectations. We offer training and consulting, field service options, equipment optimization, and equipment recalibration and certification.

MSP Semiconductor - Vaporizers

MSP, a division of TSI, offers a complete line of vaporization products for liquid source vaporization in gas-phase processing like Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). Our products are used in semiconductor device fabrication and industrial coating applications. Our line of MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers use a droplet vaporization, direct liquid injection (DLI) technique designed to meet modern demanding vaporization needs.

MSP's exclusive technology offers a broad range of advantages over older, more conventional techniques. The MSP Turbo™ Vaporizer applies advanced technology from aerosol science and thermo-dynamics to create a more refined solution to vaporization. In thin film applications, the stable and uniform vapor leads to a higher quality thin film and higher wafer yields.Turbo LFC

The precision and control of our clog-resistant vaporizer makes it possible to vaporize difficult precursors, which were not usable before, opening up new areas for process development. The unique design provides longer, stable operation resulting in less down time and more money saved for users.

In addition to vaporizers, MSP also offers vapor process gas filters and liquid flow controllers.

MSP's chemically and thermally resistant vapor/gas filters are specifically designed for low pressure and high temperature applications, providing reliable filtration even for chemically aggressive vapors/gases. The filters are designed to have extremely low pressure drops, making it easier to work in an ultra-low pressure environment. Pump down is faster, and lower pressures are possible.

Our versatile liquid flow controllers can be used to control the on-board liquid controller in PE vaporizers. It can be used to maintain a steady liquid flow, or to generate repeatable short duration vapor pulses for ALD applications.

MSP Semiconductor – Surface Defect Inspection and Metrology

Offering particle deposition equipment, services, and particle suspensions, MSP provides a full suite of particle deposition and metrology products.

Particle Deposition Systems: The advanced 2300G3 Particle Deposition System sets the standards for wafer inspection and metrology equipment that will help increase yield of leading-edge devices for years to come, yet this complete system can be used now to meet today’s measurement needs.

Wafer and Reticle Contamination Standards: MSP provides certified Wafer and Reticle Contamination Standards for calibrating, qualifying, and monitoring wafer and photomask inspection systems. Particles of specified size, composition, and count are deposited on a bare silicon wafer or your substrate of choice, including wafers, photomasks/reticles (any type), and HDD disks. Particles can be deposited on bare, film, and patterned wafers from 100mm to 450mm.

MSP is a leader in the industry, providing advanced technology to cover customers’ particle/calibration needs.

Particle Size Standards: Whether testing for particle size, count, or composition, it is imperative to use reliable particle suspensions to calibrate your surface scanning equipment or particle counters. A particle standard consists of a specific size range and number concentration of solid particles suspended in ultra-pure water (UPW). This suspension is dispersed into clean air or nitrogen and deposited onto wafers and reticles in specific patterns and sizes.

Particle Standards are used to produce high-quality contamination standards for calibrating, qualifying, and monitoring the performance of wafer and photomask inspection systems.

MSP Service and Sales

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