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When Natural Disasters Strike

You Need Access to Real-Time Air Quality Data

When Natural Disasters Strike

You Need Access to Real-Time Air Quality Data

Monitoring the air quality soon after a wild fire strikes can help keep your workers and the public safe. In addition, it is crucial to have access to equipment you can quickly deploy and easily transport when cleaning up toxic fire debris. 

Many people, including government response teams and environmental consultants, use proven DustTrak™ Aerosol Monitor technology to monitor PM10, PM2.5 every day. With DustTrak equipment, you can:

  • Easily retrieve real-time data locally or remotely
  • Deploy equipment into the field quickly
  • Trust your data is collecting continuously with weather-proof casing
  • Easily transport your equipment from site to site


How Can I Protect Myself From Dangerous Aerosols? 

The Hard Data You Need to Meet Health and Safety Standards

TSI's DustTrak Environmental Monitors are real-time, near-reference aerosol instruments, which can be deployed remotely in under an hour. The DustTrak Environmental Monitor measures PM1, PM2.5, Respirable, PM10 and Total PM size fractions. The portable, tamper-proof environmental enclosure is suitable for all weather conditions.

The DustTrak Environmental Enclosure 8535 houses the DustTrak II and DRX Aerosol Monitors. This secure, portable enclosure safely deploys the aerosol monitor into harsh environments. Its 360° omni-directional sampling inlet is specifically designed to sample efficiently in a broad range of wind conditions. 


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