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Environmental Quality Solutions for Building Health, Energy Efficiency, and Comfort

TSI solutions help protect people and their environment

Protecting the health of occupants and workers is paramount to any business.  Whether you are maintaining an office space, educational facility, nursing home, retail or entertainment facility, the occupants’ comfort can impact their experiences and attitudes.  People want to perform at their best. Some IEQ conditions may be impacting their performance – indoors and outdoors.  Energy efficiency is a goal for virtually all building owners and managers. Managing costs is a critical aspect, while balancing environmental quality for the occupants.

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VelociCalc 9600 Series Multi-Function Ventilation Meters 

The 9600 Series VelociCalc® Multi-FunctionVentilation Meters include a built-in workflow for calculating the percentage of outside air used to determine ventilation effectiveness in a building or room. The VelociCalc® Pro adds built-in workflows for heat flow calculation and four methodologies for performaing a duct traverse.

Respirator Fit Testing Q-Trak XP IAQ Monitor

TSI’s Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor Model 7585 is a flexible, multi-parameter IAQ instrument that can be configured, customized and expanded to monitor and maintain optimal indoor air quality. With the Q-Trak XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor, you can measure up to 20 IAQ parameters simultaneously, up to 6 different types of gases, PM2.5 and PM10 mass concentrations and particle counts, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure, % outside air, dew point and wet bulb temperatures.

 AirAssure Continuous IAQ Monitors

Depending on the layout and potential pollution sources of your building, it may be best to deploy a mix of the 6-gas, 4-gas and 2-gas monitors available in the AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor portfolio. All of these small, lightweight monitors are easy to set up, mount and start collecting data right away.

 TSI Link Software Solutions 

TSI Link™ Solutions Software: Remote Device Management, Real-Time Alerts, and a Custom Dashboard.
TSI Link™ API Data Services & Integration: Accessibility, Connectivity, and Data Analytics using your own business management tools.

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