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AirPro® Solutions

Performance Beyond Measure

AirPro® Solutions

Performance Beyond Measure

AirPro® instruments are the latest iteration of trusted, high performance TSI ventilation test instruments, designed and manufactured by the leader in the industry.


With AirPro Solutions, you can...

Boost Efficiency

The built-in duct traverse workflow for both Equal Area and Log Tchebycheff provides a step-by-step approach to take in duct flow measurements, which minimizes errors by calculating insertion depths and mapping measurements.


Connect Seamlessly

Up to six instruments can be simultaneously connected to one smart device for remote measurement display and data logging. Sychronize device managment automatically through Wifi or data networking.


Share Your Data

AirPro Mobile allows you to quickly share measurements, photos and comments that can easily be imported into reports.



Customize Your Solution

Tailor your AirPro instruments and feature sets to suit your needs.


Manage Your Devices

My TSI is a portal allowing you to manage your user accounts, instruments, and smart devices, with access to your latest calibration certificates.


Protect Your Investment

Multiple service offerings, including extended calibration contracts and advanced probe replacement. 



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