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Storing & protecting your BlueSky Monitor data

Micro SD Card is pre-installed inside your BlueSky monitor. It can be removed and reinserted if you want to download your air quality data or if you want to install a new card.Transmitting BlueSkyTM Air Quality Monitor data to TSI LinkTM Solutions using Wi-Fi, grants you 24/7 remote access to real-time reports. Data is also logged onto the factory installed SD card. The SD card can be used alone as the main data source in the event that your WiFi network is not present.

When first setting up your BlueSky monitor, you will have the choice to either keep your data private, or make it viewable to others. Private data is restricted to your login, and any other users you choose to share your data with. Publicly viewable data is available for anyone with a login to see. This means that other BlueSky monitor owners can see your data, as well as any community members that request a login onto TSI LinkTM Solutions.

Have any additional questions? See our Data Privacy policy.