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Track Air Quality using BlueSky Monitors

BlueSkyTM Air Quality Monitors are small, lightweight, low-cost air quality sensors that are easy to install in or around an area of concern. Each monitor is able to transmit real-time data to TSI LinkTM Solutions for secure 24/7 remote access. You can either operate a BlueSky monitor individually or purchase multiple monitors to build a network of sensors that will accurately report real-time, ultra-localized air quality measurements.

BlueSky monitor attached to a pole on a hill overlooking San Francisco

Benefits of BlueSky Monitors

BlueSky air quality monitors from TSI are:

  • Easy to install: Mount to any pole, fence, etc., exactly where you want it
  • Easy to use: Manage your BlueSky monitor data and view instrument diagnostics on TSI LinkTM Solutions
  • Accuracy you can depend on: Professional readings from a research-quality sensor calibrated to TSI standards
  • Scale efficiently: Low cost of ownership allows you to strategically install more BlueSky monitors to provide better neighborhood-level, localized monitoring results