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Monitor Ultrafine Particles with SMPS™

Monitoring the quality of the air we breathe is crucial to maintaining public health. Ultrafine particles (UFPs) are one of the most important air pollutants, as they can negatively impact human health.

TSI provides a robust remedy with the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS™) spectrometers which help you reliably monitor ultrafine particles in the atmosphere. These SMPS™ systems offer:

  • Continuous unattended operation - critical for air quality monitoring
  • Durability - no need to be onsite unscheduled
  • Remote access data - monitoring from your office
  • Ease of maintenance - documentation and video available to enable DIY maintenance
  • Reference solution - established global install base, acceptance by air quality monitoring researchers the world over


We Have a Solution that Meets your Individual UFP Monitoring Needs

When selecting an SMPS™ for your ultrafine particle monitoring needs, it comes down to one choice:

  1. Do you need a butanol-based solution
  2. do you prefer a water-based Condensation Particle Counter (CPC)?

Both butanol-based (as required by CEN/TS 17434) and water-based particle instruments have their advantages and disadvantages in monitoring UFPs in ambient air. The choice between these instruments will depend on the specific requirements of your application. TSI’s team of experts possess a great deal of experience with ultrafine particle monitoring efforts around the world, and are eager to discuss your specific requirements with you.

Choose Your SMPS™...

Butanol-Based Solution

A solution that is compliant with EN & CEN/TS

Water-Based Solution

A solution using readily available distilled water

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