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Protect Your Investment

Service Plans for TSI Flow Instruments

Service plans provide invaluable benefits by offering financial protection, extended coverage, and peace of mind. TSI is excited to offer to TSI Flow instrument buyers the possibility to protect thier investment through the QualityGuard Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Plan.

By investing in this service plan, companies can save time and money, optimize equipment performance, and focus on their core business objectives, all while enjoying enhanced support from TSI experts and extended equipment lifespan.

Service plans can only be added at the time of instrument purchase. 

Service Plan Offering Features Service Plan Term   Covered Flow Instruments

QualityGuard Annual Calibration and Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Plan *

  • Comprehensive TSI performed calibration and repair
  • Available for new equipment only
  • Warranty extended to term of plan
  • TSI covers return shipping costs
3 year 40401, 4040, 4043, 4045, 4048, 41401, 4140, 4143, 41403, 41433, 4148, 4071/4076, 4072/4074, 4081, 4082, 4090
* Please note that repairs are unlimited for defect in materials and workmanship for the plan duration. Calibrations included are a maximum of 3 according to the plan term.

Advantages of Choosing a TSI Service Plan 

Choose the 3-year plan to protect your investment:

  • Save time and money
  • Fixed pricing for multiple years at a discounted rate
  • No-hassle budgeting, peace of mind
  • Optimal performance through regular service and calibration
  • Free ground shipping included for return instrument

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