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Particles as a Part of Air Quality Monitoring

27 Apr 2021 2:15 PM (CEST) / 7:15 AM (CST) Online

*Diese Veranstaltung findet online statt, auf Englisch.*

Join us for a 45-minutes webinar which emphasizes the need for particle number (PN) based counting and sizing solutions complimentary to the widely used particle mass (PM) sensors, especially for the size range of ultrafine particles (UFP < 100 nm).

While monitoring different emission sources continuous sampling and transportation of the aerosol size fractions need to be taken into consideration.

We will discuss the forces on aerosols during sampling that may bias the measurement and how to overcome those challenges. We will also present a few traditional monitoring setups with details related to optimizing the monitoring station for all instruments equally.


  • Aerosol counting and sizing
  • Aerosol sampling and transportation
  • Additional solutions (e.g. sampling material)
  • Additional non-invasive solutions

Who should join:

  • Industry/local government/municipality representatives working on air monitoring projects
  • Researchers
  • Air quality monitoring networks

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Meet the Speakers

Dr. Carsten Kykal studied atmospheric physics and received his PhD at TU Munich combining particle instruments and homemade fluid mechanics solutions to characterize aerosols of same size on their optical properties. In 2008, he joined TSI as an application engineer and moved into a sales role a few years later still supporting aerosol and fluid mechanics researchers in EMEA. ​​​​​​

Dr. Torsten Tritscher was already researching the physical characterization of particles from various sources during his studies in Münster and subsequent doctorate at ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute. In 2012, he joined TSI as an application engineer in the field of particle measurement equipment and has since been able to expand his experience in the field of measurement technology and its optimal application.