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Monitoring Ultrafine Particles Everywhere: Indoors and Outdoors

20 Apr 2023 Università di Cassino, Via Gaetano di Biasio, 43, Cassino, Italy https://sites.google.com/luchsinger.it/seminario-tsi-2023-cassino/home

We cordially invite you to a joint seminar about ambient air monitoring from TSI and Luchsinger Srl.

Diese Veranstaltung findet in Italien statt, auf Englisch.

Welcome to the joint Luchsinger/TSI Seminar on "Monitoring Ultrafine Particles Everywhere: Indoors and Outdoors", taking place at the University of Cassino (hosted by Prof. Giorgio Buonanno) on 20 April, 2023.

This is an exciting event that is designed to encourage the exchange of experiences on ultrafine particle monitoring and new scientific and technical approaches.

This seminar will bring together researchers and environmental practitioners to discuss the latest developments in ultrafine particle monitoring. The event will feature presentations from leading experts in the field, such as

  • Luca Stabile - Professore associato (Università di Cassino) and
  • Pasquale Avino - Professore associato (Università del Molise).

Along with other representatives from TSI and Luchsinger, they will share their experiences and insights on recent studies which makes this seminar an excellent opportunity for attendees to network, learn from experts, and exchange ideas.

The seminar will cover various topics related to ultrafine particle monitoring, including but not limited to:

  • Monitoring ultrafine particles: fundamentals, standards and examples (e.g. ACTRIS, CEN/TS)
  • Indoor air quality: sources from outside and inside
  • Aerosol dynamics: minimizing bias in particle sampling with invasive instruments
  • Traffic emissions: focus on non-exhaust sources such as brake wear emissions
  • Long-term monitoring: data processing and visualization
  • Aerosol chemistry in environmental monitoring

The event will take place at the University of Cassino, a leading research institution located in central Italy. The University of Cassino is easily accessible by public transport and is within walking distance from the train station.


  • Date: 20 April
  • Location: Università di Cassino, Italy
  • Participation is free of charge.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn about the latest developments in ultrafine particle monitoring. Register now to secure your spot! We look forward to seeing you there!