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Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course 2023

Presented by the University of Minnesota and TSI Incorporated

Entering or Refreshing your Aerosol and Particle Knowledge?

21 Aug 2023 - 23 Aug 2023 University of Minnesota with Hands-on at TSI Incorporated https://cse.umn.edu/tli/aerosol-and-particle-measurement-short-course

Get hands-on laboratory experiences at both the TSI laboratory and the University of Minnesota laboratory, where participants will be able to discuss their own projects with the instructors and other attendees.

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TSI is inviting individuals interested in the aerosol and particle field to attend the "Aerosol & Particle Measurements Short Course", set to take place from August 21-23 at the University of Minnesota, with hands-on laboratory experiences at both the TSI laboratory and the University of Minnesota laboratory. TSI will be hosting a dinner reception to not only train your aerosol skills, but also to provide the opportunity for ideas exchange and networking.

Who Should Attend? And Why?

The course is designed to provide basic aerosol measurement and sampling skills to individuals entering the aerosol and particle field, as well as updated information for those already in the field. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of aerosol properties and behavior, and will also receive practical skill training to sample, measure, and characterize airborne particulate matter in various applications. Attendees will also be able to discuss their own projects with instructors and other attendees.

If you're interested in entering or refreshing your knowledge of the aerosol and particle field, consider attending TSI's Aerosol & Particle Measurements Short Course. You'll gain valuable skills and knowledge to further your career and deepen your understanding of the field.

Completion Certificates Issued

By the end of the course, participants will have gained 2.1 University of Minnesota Continuing Education Units (CEUs), signifying 21 hours of course participation. CEU certificates will be made available to attendees after the course. The course also provides an opportunity for attendees to receive Industrial Hygiene Credit.

Browse the complete course information on the Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course website.

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More About the Hands-On Lab Sessions

During the hands-on portion of the short course, participants will have the opportunity to gain practical experience with a range of TSI particle and aerosol instruments.

Lab A - Transient Aerosols: Capturing Fast Size Distribution Changes

In this lab session, we will make measurements of the size distribution and particle number concentration of aerosols that exhibit highly transient behavior such as those emitted by internal combustion engines.

Lab B - Submicron Aerosol Generation and Measurement

In this lab session we will focus on submicron aerosol from two perspectives: measuring ultrafine particles in the atmosphere, and generating submicron calibration aerosol in the laboratory.

Lab C - Supermicron Aerosol Generation and Measurement

This lab will demonstrate two instruments that can generate aerosols larger than a micron, as well as several instruments appropriate for sizing such aerosols. Appropriate applications for each of these instruments will be discussed.

Lab D - Filter Testing Concepts and Recommended Practices

In filter testing there are quite a few choices to make: aerosol composition, aerosol size, detector design, flow rate, etc. We will show – and use – several automated filter testers that are suitable for key applications. While doing so we will describe how the above-listed choices are relevant to various applications, and are thus included in (or made possible by) the testers.


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