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ILASS Americas 2021 Virtual Conference

16 Mai 2021 - 19 Mai 2021 Virtual http://www.ilass.org/2021/

Diese Veranstaltung findet online statt, auf Englisch.

"ILASS-AMERICAS 2021 is the 31st Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, North and South America. The focus of the conference is on the advances in the theoretical and computational modeling of break-up process of a liquid, and its applications in diverse fields like combustion systems, agricultural sprays and industrial sprays. The Conference will include:

  • Keynote presentations involving works done by eminent people on the area of liquid atomization and sprays.

  • Exhibits of the latest computational, instrumentation and hardware work done by the industries.

  • Technical meetings for the participants to get involved in discussions related to their area of interest.

  • Sessions which will include a collection of papers/presentations on topics of current interest."

TSI fluid mechanics experts will give the following presentation: An advanced signal processor for Laser and Phase Doppler measurements. They will also dicuss a new FSA signal processor that is designed for all Laser and Phase Doppler measurements, with unique benefits in Doppler frequency range, data sampling rate and validation of burst.