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23rd International Transport and Air Pollution Conference TAP 2019

15 Mai 2019 - 17 Mai 2019 Thessaloniki Concert Hall, 25is Martiou & Paralia, Thessaloniki 546 46, Greece E3

Please visit us at our booth at TAP 2019 in ThessalonikiTAP 2019 is "co-organized by the Labs of Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering of Aristotle University Thessaloniki and EMISIA SA with the support of the European Commission Joint Research Centre." 

TSI is proud to be among the exhibitors at the 23rd International Transport and Air Pollution Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. Our instruments are used worldwide as the reference to characterize exhaust and non-exhaust emissions from transport modes as well as urban and suburban air quality and exposure monitoring. Please visit us at our booth and experience our instruments live at #TAP2019. We look forward to meeting you!