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TSI to Host 42nd Annual Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course

TSI to Host 42nd Annual Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course 

The University of Minnesota's Particle Technology Laboratory, in cooperation with TSI Incorporated, is pleased to announce the 42nd Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course August 21-23, 2017 at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.


This course includes both lectures and hands-on lab sessions taught by a number of world-renowned experts in both academia and industry. The course will provide basic aerosol measurement and sampling skills for individuals entering in the aerosol and particle field. This year's course includes a wide range of fundamental topics, such as Aerosol Mechanics, Light Scattering Fundamentals and Optical Techniques, Condensation Particle Counters, Filtration Fundamentals and Applications, Inertial Impactors and Aerodynamic Measurements, and Biological Aerosol Detection and Characterization, as well as many other important topics.


"TSI is pleased to continue its partnership with the University of Minnesota to provide this outstanding aerosol short course, which includes extensive hands-on lab sessions with a broad range of the latest particle instrumentation. Equally, we are excited to offer our hands-on Thursday lab this year as well," said Brian Osmondson, Business Director, Research and Analytical Instruments.


Participants will have the opportunity to gain a fundamental understanding of aerosol properties and behaviors and receive practical training on skills to sample, measure, and characterize airborne particulate matter in a variety of applications, while earning continuing education credits, according to David Pui, Proffesor at the University of Minnesota and director of the short course.


Attendees will also visit TSI Headquarters for hands-on lab experiments during the second day (Tuesday, August 22, 2017) of the short course. Following the short course, TSI will be holding an additional hands-on training with a variety of TSI instruments on Thursday, August 24, 2017. These sessions will provide smaller group sizes, more time with the instruments and futher application conversation with TSI experts. For more information on the Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course and to register, visit the Aerosol and Particle Short Course website.


About University of Minnesota's Particle Technology Laboratory: 

The Particle Technology Laboratory is one of the leading centers of small particle research in the U.S. Founded in the 1950's by the late Professor K.T. Whitby, the lab is well-known for its instrumentation development activities. As part of the College of Science and Engineering at the Unifersity of Minnesota, the Laboratory has published approximately 2000 papers and reports, and produced approximately 170 Ph.D.'s and 450 Master level students since inception. Research from the lab has been incorporated into codes and standards by NIST, ASTM, ASHRAE, EPA, and ISO, etc.


About TSI Incorporated


TSI Incorporated serves a global market by investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. As an industry leader in the design and production of precision instruments, TSI partners with research institutions and customers around the world to set the standard for measurements relating to aerosol science, air flow, health and safety, indoor air quality, fluid dynamics and biohazard detection. With headquarters based in the U.S. and field offices throughout Europe and Asia, TSI has established a worldwide presence in the markets we serve. Every day, our dedicated employees turn research into reality. TSI Incorporated, 500 Cardigan Road, Shoreview, MN 55126 Tel: +1 651 490 2811 or toll-free 800-874-2811 or e-mail to answers@tsi.com


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