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TSI Inc. announces the release of the ChemLine In-Line Metals Analyzer

Shoreview, Minnesota - November 29, 2017

TSI Inc. announces the release of the ChemLine In-Line Metals Analyzer. TSI® Inc. announces the release of the ChemLine™ In-Line Metals Analyzer. As of this writing, a patent is pending for the ChemLine sensor, which uses Laser Induction Breakdown Spectroscopy or LIBS technology for high demand industrial environments where speed and accuracy are required. 

The ChemLine has been proven to sort metals scrap streams as part of an automated sorting system, it can be stationed in production to check for quality autonomously, and offers finished goods compliance quickly and accurately. After more than two years of development and rigorous testing, the robust industrially designed ChemLine is ready for its public debut.

Global Marketing Manager, Todd Hardwick said, "The ChemLine In-Line Metals Analyzer has passed through many stages of research and development to get to this point. It's very exciting for us to introduce this product to manufacturers and large-scale metals scrap and recycling companies. The ChemLine is a proven time-saver and extremely accurate-enabling low-cost, high-volume inspection and materials verification.

"We're also proud to be the sole LIBS sensor provider to Austin AI. Austin AI is a manufacturer of metals sorting equipment. They have partnered with Norsk Hydro, one of the world's largest aluminum companies on scrap sorting using the ChemLine sensor. The success of this project will benefit the metals sorting industry for years to come."

To learn more about the ChemLine In-Line Metals Analyzer, visit the product page. Read more about the partnership between Austin AI and Hydro, and their sorting system project based on TSI's ChemLine sensor, on the Hydro website .