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TSI Announces Distribution Deal with Arconic for Certified Reference Materials

TSI Incorporated, a manufacturer of handheld ChemLite™ Metals Analyzers based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, is pleased to announce a distribution agreement with Arconic Incorporated , manufacturer of spectrochemical reference materials for aluminum alloys. Through this relationship, TSI will resell Arconic's MicrO Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) in a convenient, easy-to-use kit for field standardization of ChemLite LIBS metal analyzers.

Arconic Incorporated, formerly Alcoa, is known around the world for their materials science and engineering for major industries and have long been considered the trusted manufacturer and supplier of certified reference materials (CRMs), specialty CRMs, and reference materials (RMs) for compositional analysis of metals.  Arconic recently introduced smaller versions of CRMs for handheld instruments, including LIBS handheld analyzers like the ChemLite analyzer.  These smaller CRMs are NIST traceable, certified for up to 28 elements, and small in size for portability and use in the field. TSI will resell these MicrO CRMs, along with its Standards Manager Software, to allow ChemLite users to fine-tune their instruments quickly and easily. 

"Our partnership with Arconic and the resale of their CRMs, along with our new Standards Manager Software, brings tremendous value to current and potential ChemLite analyzer users by allowing them to routinely validate their instrument operation and optimize quantification accuracy to ensure peak measurement performance in the field," said Todd Hardwick, Global Marketing Manager at TSI.  "We are pleased to work with a well-known and trusted organization like Arconic to provide customers with the most accurate handheld metals analysis solution available."

For more information, please visit the ChemLite Plus Laser Metals Analyzer product page.