TSI Releases Six New Modules for Groundbreaking TSI OmniTrak™ Solution

5月 01 2024 Shoreview, MN

TSI Incorporated, a global leader in data-driven solutions, is proud to announce the expansion of the TSI OmniTrak™ Solution – a game-changer in the areas of occupational and industrial hygiene investigation surveys, and indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments for hospitals, schools and other indoor environments. This ecosystem – comprised of a handheld device, interchangeable modules and reporting software-- which was introduced earlier this year, now has six additional modules available, along with additional software features. 

Say goodbye to measuring multiple parameters with separate instruments. With the TSI OmniTrak™ Solution, you can choose to measure PM, VOC, PM + VOC (ppm), ozone, formaldehyde, chlorine, ammonia, VOC-PID (ppb), and carbon monoxide all with a single device. Modules connect wirelessly to the intelligent Smart Station and do not have to be physically connected to take measurements. In fact, you can connect up to 10 different modules to the same smart station at the same time, collecting data from multiple points around the room simultaneously. Once you’ve collected your data, TSI Link™ Software makes it easy to manage your data and generate reports. 

“All OmniTrak™ Solution modules reporting to the same platform is huge in report creation,” said Fabrice, IAQ consultant. 

When you’re ready to view your data, TSI Link™ Report Creator makes it easy to manage and analyze your data in one convenient location, through cloud connection or manual data upload. In addition to receiving automated custom reports in Microsoft Excel® Software with just a few clicks, now you can also access more workbooks for quick and simplified analysis of your environment.

“The feature within TSI Link™ Solutions allowing real-time data to be [displayed] for verification is a big advantage,” said Sam, industrial hygienist.  

This is the first expansion of many, as TSI is committed to expanding the module offerings and software capabilities, and has an exciting road map for the future.

“Just four months after our initial launch, we are proud to announce the expansion of this groundbreaking ecosystem,” said Ketan Mehta, VP of Product Management and Marketing at TSI. “Having a wider selection of modules available in conjunction with additional reporting capabilities means that we can help more professionals across various industries gather and analyze the data they need to do their jobs in a more effective, streamlined manner.” 

For more information, please visit tsi.com/OmniTrak