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MSP Introduces Highly Accurate SPx Calibration Standards Used in Wafer Surface Defect Inspection

Mai 10 2024 Shoreview, MN

MSP's SPx Calibration Standards are precision engineered tools for the calibration, verification and re-qualification of the most common wafer surface inspection systems used in semiconductor manufacturing.MSP, a Division of TSI®, is proud to announce the launch of the new SPx Calibration Standards as part of our Cal-Dep™ Contamination Standards Program. These precision-engineered tools are designed for the calibration, verification, and re-qualification of the most common wafer surface inspection systems (like Surfscan® from KLA) utilized in semiconductor manufacturing.

Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability of Defect Inspection Equipment

MSP’s SPx Calibration Standards play a critical role in maintaining the accuracy and reliability of test equipment, which is essential for maintaining high yield and quality in mature semiconductor manufacturing nodes. MSP's commitment to excellence is demonstrated by its comprehensive range of NIST-traceable SPx Calibration Standards, which are backed by meticulous documentation of manufacturing processes and controls, test reports using SPx, and other certification guarantees.

Tailored to Meet Your Calibration Needs

MSP's SPx Calibration Standards portfolio includes individual full (blanket) deposited wafers with single particle size on each wafer, Cal-Dep™ sets of full-deposited wafers, and multispot wafers.

We offer various methods for shipping SPx Calibration Standards, tailored to different customer needs.“This offering serves the diverse calibration requirements communicated to us by our customers to ensure that they can select the most suitable wafer set that fits to their needs and application”, said Darrick Niccum, President of MSP.

Optimizing Yield and Wafer Quality

By combining industry-leading equipment knowledge and particle deposition expertise, MSP delivers standards with the narrowest particle distributions and highest particle size accuracy for critical surface inspection applications. This ensures that MSP’s customers receive best-in-class standards that meet their demanding requirements.

Optimize your yield and quality through accurate and reliable wafer surface defect inspection with MSP’s SPx Calibration Standards. For more information, visit tsi.com/SPx or contact our sales team.

More About SPx Calibration Standards

Surfscan is a registered trademark of KLA Corporation.

About MSP, a Division of TSI®

MSP provides a range of semiconductor metrology equipment, including particle deposition systemscontamination standard wafers and reticles, and particle size standards. Used in microelectronic fabs world-wide, MSP also offers a variety of different direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizers along with VPG filters and liquid flow controllers.

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