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Confidence in Your Wafer Cleaning Processes

Introducing PRE Challenge Wafers for Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE) Testing

avr. 11 2024 Shoreview, MN

MSP, a Division of TSI®, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation: a comprehensive range of PRE Challenge Wafers designed to optimize Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE) in semiconductor manufacturing.

As semiconductor technology advances, ensuring the effectiveness of wafer cleaning processes becomes increasingly critical. MSP's new offering addresses this challenge by providing cost-effective solutions for validating cleaning systems and processes.MSP, a Division of TSI®, offers an affordable solution with our Challenge Wafers and Photomasks for Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE) Testing.

Affordable and Reliable Solutions

MSP's PRE Challenge Wafers are meticulously deposited with NanoSilica™ particles or Process Particles, ensuring uniformity and consistency across substrates. This enables semiconductor manufacturers to obtain reliable data on cleaning system performance.

Maximizing Yield and Efficiency

By utilizing MSP's PRE Challenge Wafers, semiconductor manufacturers can increase yield and minimize unexpected production disruptions. With bulk ordering options and third-party validation, MSP offers an affordable and impartial method for assessing cleaning processes.

Expert Guidance and Support

“MSP's team of experts is committed to assisting customers in selecting the most suitable challenge wafer recipe for their specific application”, said Darrick Niccum, President of MSP. “With comprehensive support throughout the validation process, we help our customers optimize critical equipment and process performance.”

A Versatile Solution for Various Semiconductor Applications

From research and development to manufacturing and service, MSP's PRE Challenge Wafers cater to a wide range of applications. Whether developing new cleaning systems or validating existing processes, MSP provides the tools necessary for success.

Confidence in Your Semiconductor Wafer and Photomask Cleaning Processes

Verify your system’s Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE) today with our PRE Challenge Wafers. For more information, visit tsi.com/MSP-PRE or contact our sales team.



About MSP, a Division of TSI®

MSP provides a range of semiconductor metrology equipment, including particle deposition systems, contamination standard wafers and reticles, and particle size standards. Used in microelectronic fabs world-wide, MSP offers a variety of different direct liquid injection (DLI) vaporizers along with VPG filters and liquid flow controllers.

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