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TSI Launches the All-New Quest™ Edge 7 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Jul 31 2023 Shoreview, MN

TSI® is excited to introduce the latest in noise dosimetry with the launch of the all-new Quest™ Edge 7 Personal Noise Dosimeter. In noisy work environments, protecting workers’ hearing is crucial to staying safe and healthy. The TSI® Quest™ Edge Personal Noise Dosimeter is a powerful and intuitive instrument designed to identify hearing loss threats and inform the design of hearing protection programs and engineering controls.

The Quest™ Edge Personal Noise Dosimeter is shoulder-mounted, providing ergonomic, convenient measurements. Units are compact, with large displays and intuitive interfaces to provide crucial information at a glance and in real-time. Its many capabilities provide accurate and comprehensive real-time data on noise exposure levels, while, its durable design ensures reliable performance day-after-day, even in the toughest conditions. It is designed to help keep users safe, with customization to help drive productivity.

With the Quest™ Edge 7 Personal Noise Dosimeter, its user-configurable settings allow you to control feature set-up and analysis according to your specific needs. It comes standard will the full feature set, so there are no upgrade charges. Some key new features include:

  • Voice Notes to allow you to capture a verbal note about location, description, or noise event, which will display in the time-stamped data set for reference in later analysis
  • 1/1 Octave Band data capture and analysis enables understanding of the correlation between frequency and noise levels in order to ensure proper hearing protection and also engineering control validation and identification of potential changes needed
  • Ceiling Threshold monitoring counts the number of time that a noise level has exceeded a preset threshold and trigger time, informing your decisions on implementing engineering controls and hearing protection device changes

The Quest Edge 7 dosimeter also features intuitive Detection Management Software, making it a true powerhouse when it comes to managing noise exposure in the workplace. With this software, you can easily monitor and analyze noise exposure data, identify trends, and take proactive measures to protect your workers from potential hearing loss.

In addition, TSI is offering new service plans with calibration and extended warranty coverage to protect your investment, so you can consistently deliver results with the highest level of accuracy, trust and peace of mind.

“Understanding our customer’s needs for real-time monitoring of worker noise exposure to help reduce risk and take protective action against noise induced hearing loss were drivers for the new Quest Edge 7 Personal Noise Dosimeter,” said Ketan Mehta, VP of Product Management and Marketing at TSI. “At TSI, we strive to provide trusted measurement instruments and software services to help give our customer the confidence to make informed, data-driven decisions.”

Help protect your workers from hazardous noise levels in the workplace with the all-new TSI® Quest™ Edge 7 Personal Noise Dosimeter. The intrinsically safe model, Quest Edge 8 Personal Noise Dosimeter, for use in potentially volatile environments, will be available as soon as the final regulatory certifications are received.

To learn more, please visit tsi.com/QuestEdge7

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