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TSI Incorporated Launches Filter Testing Production Line Simulator

Feb 08 2023 Shoreview, Minnesota

The PLS enhances the functionality of TSI's Automated Filter Tester 8150 by enabling its operation outside of a production line environment.TSI Incorporated, a leading provider of filter testing equipment, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the Production Line Simulator (PLS) 8150-PLS. The PLS enhances the functionality of TSI's Automated Filter Tester 8150 by enabling its operation outside of a production line environment.

Improved Maintenance, Workflow Optimization and Downtime Minimization

The PLS adds several key features to the 8150 that set it apart from other filter testers and make it an efficient solution for your production line. The PLS enables Quality Assurance (QA) testing and validation, allowing filter manufacturers to verify the performance of their production line filter testing processes by comparing results with those from the unparalleled reference tester (TSI’s Automated Filter Tester 8130A), which is used by government agencies and certification labs like the US National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) and elsewhere throughout the world.

The PLS offers the ability to test under different measurement conditions, helping process managers optimize timings and operational settings. As a diagnostic and maintenance tool, the PLS ensures the reliable operation of the 8150 once deployed in the production line. Its small size, portability, fast setup, and universal compatibility with the Automated Filter Tester 8150 allow a single PLS to be used across all of a manufacturer’s 8150 Automated Filter Testers ensuring consistent testing results across all testers.

Have Confidence in Accurate and Repeatable Filter Test Results

“We are thrilled to launch our new Production Line Simulator," said Ketan Mehta, Vice President for Product Management & Marketing at TSI Incorporated. "This filter tester offering will significantly improve the way manufacturers test filters. We are confident that the PLS in combination with the Automated Filter Tester 8150 will be an extremely valuable tool for companies relying on accurate and consistent filter testing results at a high production line throughput."

The PLS Enhances Capabilities of the Automated Filter Tester 8150

The Automated Filter Tester 8150 for production line testing of respiratory filters and cartridges (P100, FFP3, P3 and similar) was released in 2021. The tester has a small footprint to fit into existing production lines, highly flexible configuration and robust Modbus communication capabilities, and delivers repeatable and accurate test results for high throughput filter testing. It is designed to meet the challenging requirements of standards such as US 42 CFR 84, GB2626 and EN143, EN149 and EN 13274-7. It was awarded Product of the Year in the "Innovative Product 2021" category by the Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI).

For more information, please visit tsi.com/8150-PLS

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