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Production Line Simulator 8150-PLS

SKU: 8150-PLS

The Production Line Simulator 8150-PLS enables the Automated Filter Tester 8150 to be operated outside of the production line environment for maintenance, troubleshooting, or determination of optimal settings during process characterization.

The PLS provides a set of standard filter chucks and an interface to send commands to the model 8150. Since you need a single PLS for all of the model 8150s on your complete production line, this is a particularly efficient way to spend your resources. It guarantees comparable results across all your filter testers, since the same filter holder is used. Furthermore, it enables quality assurance and performance validation by comparing with the well-known reference tester in quality control laboratories (Automated Filter Tester 8130A).

Product Details

The Automated Filter Tester 8150 is designed and optimized for remote and high-speed, continuous automatic operation within a filter testing production line. To minimize downtime, the PLS can help verify the performance of the 8150 after maintenance or regularly as part of quality control procedures. It is a compact, portable, and easy-to-set-up solution, and can be used in a fixed location when an 8150 is taken off the production line. It can also be taken out to the production line itself on a small cart.

With the PLS, different settings for the model 8150 can be tested and observed through the built-in touchscreen interface. Varying measurement and cycle times during a simulated cycle test can reveal unused workflow optimization potential with given setup parameters such as tubing length, test flow rate, etc.

The PLS touchscreen allows initiating the diagnostics (voltage) mode and monitoring status values for in-house troubleshooting purposes which helps reduce downtime. All test results and status parameters can easily be monitored by connecting a PC or Webvisu-compatible display to the 8150 directly, whether it is used in the production line or together with the PLS.


  • Regular service/maintenance of the 8150
  • Quality control procedures by enabling in-house verification of 8150 performance
  • Comparison of sample results to the 8130A
  • Workflow optimization studies
  • General-purpose filter testing for offline use of the 8150

The PLS interfaces with the 8150 just as the production line would as shown below:

The PLS interfaces with the 8150 just as the filter testing production line would.

Easy, Efficient, and Safe

The connections are made through quick connects, intelligently designed and placed so incorrect setup is not possible. Air and electrical power consumption are minimal, and the PLS is equipped with safety sensors to prevent the moving chucks from harming the operator during use.

The PLS includes the mechanical parts to perform a filter test in combination with the 8150. It contains a filter chuck of the same design as the 8130A to measure flat sheet media. This chuck is driven by a pneumatic cylinder. Using TSI certified reference Green Line Media (GLM), the performance of the 8150 can be tested the same way as with the lab quality 8130A filter tester. It is also possible to perform a gravimetric test and determine the concentration output of the aerosol generator at the current settings.