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TSI Launches Next Generation Certifier™ Plus Flow Analyzer for Biomedical Equipment Testing

Jul 21 2022 Shoreview, MN

TSI Incorporated is pleased to announce the global release of the new Certifier™ Plus Interface Display Module 4089 for use with the Certifier™ Plus Flow Analyzer Test System. The TSI Certifier™ Plus Flow Analyzer enables biomedical professionals, device manufacturers, and service organizations to test respiratory medical equipment quickly and easily to verify proper equipment operation and ensure patient safety.

With this new interface display module, the Certifier™ Plus Test System maintains its portability, reliability, and ease-of-use while adding upgraded features that make conducting biomedical equipment testing faster and easier, such as a large touchscreen display, more powerful Li-ion battery, and multiple mounting options.

The new Certifier™ Plus test system is easier to setup and operate due to its unique auto-triggering feature which automatically detects the inspiratory and expiratory phases of the breath. User configurations can be created to save test setups and recall at a later time, and configurations can be exported and transferred between Certifier™ Plus instruments. The new snapshot feature saves screen captures of the CertifierTM Plus instrument which can quickly be exported via USB and attached to test reports.

Users can optimize their test setups and efficiently use their space with the new RAM® Mount mounting options for the CertifierTM Plus test system. With the RAM® Mount, the Certifier™ Plus test system can be securely attached to your device under test (DUT) to save space and more easily compare test readings. The new Certifier™ Plus test system can quickly and easily be mounted to ventilator rails, mobile carts, IV poles, a benchtop, and more.

The new Certifier™ Plus Interface Display Module 4089 replaces the previous Certifier™ Interface Module 4088 and works with existing Certifier™ Flow Modules 4081 and 4082. Current TSI CertifierTM Flow Analyzer users will recognize the familiar display interface with its intuitive touchscreen operation and easy data viewing.

Ketan Mehta, Vice President - Product Management and Marketing at TSI, explained that “Because existing flow modules can be used with the new interface module, and being that its design is based off the accepted 4088 interface, customers will find it easy and affordable to upgrade their old 4088 interface module to the new model 4089 module without replacing their entire test system or engaging in extensive product training”.

For more information, please visit tsi.com/certifierplus.



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