TSI Expands its Outdoor Environmental Air Quality Monitor Portfolio with BlueSky™ Model 8145

7月 06 2022 Shoreview, Minnesota

BlueSky™ outdoor environmental air quality monitors provide trusted results to help protect what’s important. TSI is excited to announce the expansion of the BlueSky™ Outdoor Environmental Air Quality Monitor product line.  The newest addition, the BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor Model 8145, is designed to meet the needs of those looking to utilize low-cost gas sensing (CO, CO₂, NO₂, SO₂, O₃) capabilities, in addition to measuring particulate matter (PM) mass concentrations, temperature, relative humidity (RH) and barometric pressure (BP).

The COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a heightened awareness of both indoor and outdoor air quality, along with the increase in coverage of climate conditions that affect ground-level ozone levels or fuel wildfires.  The BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor empowers users to monitor localized air pollution at a low cost and at sites that matter most.  New solar power and cellular accessories are also now available and provide constant, reliable access to the cloud. Manage, share, and inspect your data with little effort – whether it is right outside your building, at the fence line, or down the road. 

"With the dangers of invisible gases, we are thrilled our new BlueSky™ air quality monitor now includes gas sensing capabilities and barometric pressure measurements,” said Ketan Mehta, VP of Product Management and Marketing at TSI.  “This new offering, in addition to our base 8143 model measuring PM, temperature, and relative humidity, allows you to build a solution to fit the needs of your project. The ease of setup and connection with our TSI Link™ Solutions means you can continue working in multiple locations and never miss an alert.”

Designed for environmental organizations, municipalities, government agencies, and community watch groups, TSI offers over 50 years of industry expertise to help pin-point sources of fugitive dust or emissions and local levels of air pollutants from particulate matter to carbon dioxide, ozone and more - all in real-time.  Each easy-to-install monitor comes equipped as an IoT-enabled, comprehensive solution with the abilities to transmit data on-the-spot to the cloud based TSI Link™ Solutions for remote viewing on an interactive map.  TSI Link™ allows you to manage devices and view air quality data from anywhere at any time, while also providing multiple integration opportunities through API. 

Depending on the size of the area you are targeting, use one or connect multiple monitors for a broader reach of data accuracy where you can analyze, store, and share actionable information to ensure health and safety standards are met.  BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitors allow users to maintain data integrity with the ability to designate custom calibration factors and manually zero gas sensors, and each unit has self-diagnostics to notify users of sensor performance. 

To learn more, visit tsi.com/BlueSky.

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