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Data Analyzer Now Offers TSI Link™ Customers More Integration and Analysis Opportunities

Mar 07 2022 Shoreview, MN

TSI Incorporated, the global leader in performance measurement solutions, is excited to announce the new TSI Link™ Data Analyzer, a Microsoft Excel® add-in that enables users to easily visualize air quality data from their TSI devices for further analysis.

Don’t make data analysis complicated: the Data Analyzer provides quick aggregation and processing of your measurement data; alleviating the manual work of data manipulation and giving guidance for enhanced interpretation. Once set up, the TSI Link™ Data Analyzer add-in provides a suite of reports to help gain important insights, including outcomes surrounding Time Charts, Floorplans and Thermal Comfort reporting.

“With the new Data Analyzer add-in, device data is quickly aggregated in Excel from TSI Link™ cloud platform and users can now run a whole set of analysis more easily,” said Vogel Grote, SaaS Product Owner at TSI. “Just select a date, measurements and time range, and the add-in will generate a time chart and graph in your spreadsheet.”

TSI Link™ Solution is the cloud-based software solution that allows customers to track in real-time air quality information, as well as provide integration with customers own platform, third-party software and analytical tools thanks to API Data Services.

“The TSI Link™ Data Analyzer offers a quick and convenient way for customers to create customized reports within Microsoft Excel®,” commented Jerry Bark, VP of Advanced Business Technology Group at TSI. ”It includes rich data visualization tools to help customers identify problems, understand root causes, and take corrective actions”.

The Data Analyzer add-in is available on the Microsoft® Store as part of your API Data Services subscription.

To learn more about Data Analyzer and API solutions, visit our Data Services and Integration page.


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