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TSI Unites Mass and Gas Measurements with New Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Jan 26 2021 Shoreview, MN

Whether you are spending time inside a school, office building, manufacturing plant or healthcare facility, indoor air quality (IAQ) plays an important role in the health and satisfaction of every occupant. To meet the increasing demands that IAQ professionals face in today’s world, TSI Incorporated has launched a new indoor air quality monitor that delivers more data, more efficiently.

The Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor unites gas and particle measurements with traditional IAQ parameters -- in one lightweight, handheld instrument that is easy to use, configure and calibrate in the field.

Designed for IAQ and industrial hygiene professionals, this monitor allows you to add or change gas sensors, so you can expand your indoor air quality assessment capabilities. 

“We’re excited about the flexibility the new Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor brings to our customers,” said Kevin Chase, Global Product Manager for IAQ and Exposure Monitoring products at TSI. “The mix-and-match sensors allow IAQ professionals to easily configure the product for each specific project, reducing the need for multiple instruments and downtime in the field.”

The Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor is ideal for IAQ surveys and investigations, proactive IAQ monitoring in schools and office buildings, IAQ compliance testing, evaluating thermal comfort, and more

This product is only available in North America. To learn more, visit tsi.com/Q-TrakXP.