Rediscover the Great Indoors with the TSI AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality Monitor

6月 14 2021 Shoreview, MN

When we’re together in the same place, amazing things happen — collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Rising pollution levels and the global pandemic have us more aware of the quality of our indoor air. As we plan for more indoor gatherings in office buildings, shopping malls, conference centers, healthcare settings and manufacturing plants, it’s important to have confidence in your air quality, to ultimately help get people back inside.

TSI Incorporated, the global leader in performance measurement solutions, is proud to introduce the TSI AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor. With the AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor, you don’t have to wonder about the state of your indoor air quality. This real-time, low-cost solution monitors particulate matter (PM), traditional IAQ parameters, and up to six gases.

Designed for commercial buildings, schools, medical office buildings, hotels, manufacturing plants – any indoor setting people are gathering – this monitor will allow you to view, analyze and share actionable data all within the TSI Link™ cloud solution.

“We’re very excited about the launch of our new AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality Monitor,” said Jacky Schmit, Market Development Director at TSI. “These monitors will help public spaces confidently welcome people back indoors, so we can get back to working, collaborating and enjoying each other’s company inside.”

Learn more about how the AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor offers an easy way to begin using real-time indoor air quality monitoring within your facilities.

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