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TSI Launches Porous Tube Thermodiluter 3098

Feb 12 2020 Shoreview, MN

TSI launches Porous Tube Thermodiluter 3098

TSI Incorporated is excited to announce the launch of the Porous Tube Thermodiluter (PTT) 3098. The PTT is a fully integrated sample conditioning system designed to work seamlessly with TSI’s Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer™ (EEPS™) Spectrometer 3090. Together, these instruments help researchers measure and analyze particle emissions from automotive and heavy-duty engines.

The EU is currently developing post-Euro 6 and Euro VI emissions standards for on-road vehicles. Euro 6/VI standards came into force in 2014 and are defined by EU Directives. For post-Euro 6/VI, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Particle Measurement Programme (UNECE PMP) and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is recommending lowering the size cutoff for particle counting from 23 nanometers to at least 10 nanometers. The PTT is an effective response to these upcoming requirements.

How the PTT 3098 helps engine developers address post-Euro 6 & Euro VI emissions rules

“Our new PTT diluter employs two porous tube diluters, plus a catalytic stripper, to efficiently remove semi-volatile particles,” said Francisco Romay, Senior Product Manager at TSI. “This diluter design has no moving parts and offers very low particle losses for sub-23nm particles.”

The system also provides real-time low dilution ratios. This makes the PTT 3098 ideal for characterizing transient particle emissions from modern engines post after-treatment. It also enables higher dilution ratios for engine out measurements.

Customers can now measure particle size distribution more accurately, in alignment with PMP-compliant sub-23nm solid particle number measurements.

PTT 3098 technology and compatibility

The PTT 3098 operates on the next generation version of the industry-preferred EEPS Windows®-based software. It can be easily integrated into the test cell host system through the industry standard AK-protocol. Users save time and effort by making accurate and repeatable measurements with no post processing of results. The 3098 diluter is also backward compatible with the hundreds of 3090 EEPS deployed and trusted around the world. 

For more information, please visit tsi.com/3098

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