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Porous Tube Thermodiluter 3098

SKU: 3098

The Porous Tube Thermodiluter (PTT) 3098 is the next generation sample conditioning system specifically designed for the Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer™ (EEPS™) 3090, to characterize advanced combustion designs and solid particle emissions from modern engines.


Product Details

The 3098 PTT employs two porous tube diluters with a catalytic stripper (CS) to remove volatile species along with advanced mass flow controllers to provide real-time dilution ratio measurement and control. The porous tube thermodiluter design has no moving parts and mimics the atmospheric dilution process, eliminating the potential of particle interaction with the diluter walls. This, coupled with operating at a high flow rate, minimizes losses of the sub-23nm particles, improving the response time and accuracy of the number concentration measurement provided by the EEPS™ Spectrometer.


  • Diesel, gasoline and compressed natural gas engine exhaust measurements
  • Cold start engine emissions
  • Sub-23nm solid particle emissions
  • Non-road machinery emissions
  • Exhaust after-treatment (DPF or GPF) characterization (Pre-DFF/GPF sampling with optional Pressure Reducing Module PN 3098-PR)
  • Emission characterization from biomass combustion and garbage incinerators
  • Brake and tire wear particle emissions

Features and benefits

  • When combined with EEPS™ Spectrometer, it allows users to get accurate measurement of solid particle number and mass size distributions in real-time
  • PMP-type (hot dilution-catalytic stripper-cold dilution) sample conditioning at ambient pressure for measurement of solid particles
  • Reliable performance: well controlled/stable/known dynamic dilution ratio
  • Low thermophoretic and diffusional losses
  • Robust design: no moving parts to wear out
  • Swappable flow controller module
  • Low cost of ownership (only flow control module needs to be calibrated)
  • Easy to use: Integrated for EEPS™ Spectrometer