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MSP, a Division of TSI, Introduces the NGI+

Nov 17 2020

NGI+For years, the industry-proven Next Generation Impactor (NGI) has been the standard in cascade impactors for inhaled pharmaceutical applications. MSP, a Division of TSI, is proud to announce the release of the NGI+, which enables a wider range of applications, chemicals, and drugs.

Substituting some of the base design materials in the standard NGI allows the NGI+ to provide more corrosion protection, enhanced chemical and biological resistance, and a longer equipment life expectancy for your inhaler testing process.


Nebulizer Testing

Nebulizer solutions are becoming more popular in the industry (including biologics), which has intensified the need for a cascade impactor able to test nebulizers. This has been difficult to accomplish in the past due to nebulizer solutions’ relatively high corrosive saline mixture. The NGI+ was designed with materials better suited to withstand this corrosive application and environment, and is an ideal choice for nebulizer testing.

Robust Cleaning Methods

Impactor and equipment cleaning automation has lagged behind other automated solutions in the particle collection process. Cleaning is imperative to avoid cross-contamination between tests and produce more consistent analytics, but is overall a manual, time-consuming process. With its increased corrosion resistance, harsher chemicals can be used to clean the NGI+ – shortening the typically-lengthy cleaning process. It also enables automated cleaning solutions, saving even more cleaning time.

Upgrade Your Existing NGI to the NGI+

Upgrades are available to turn an existing standard NGI into an NGI+.


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